Why you should learn the Shorter Catechism

Paul Levy
It was September 1995. I had just arrived at university which, in itself, was something of a miracle and my friend was speaking at the Christian Union of 'The University of Wales Institute Cardiff'. He dragged me reluctantly along . It was an evangelistic night and of course there were no non Christians within miles of the meeting. My friend changed his talk on the spot and began a Bible study on Daniel Chapter 1 - 'Life at University'. He asked the question ''What is the most important thing you do at college?''. There were the usual loopy answers given by students and after a few people he called on a pretty Northern Irish girl who uttered the words ''Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever'. I recognised that was the answer from the Shorter Catechsim and it was like a breath of fresh cold air running through a stuffy room. The girl had class and poise as all those who learn the Shorter Catechism do. Those were the first words I ever heard my wife speak.
The moral of the story is: If you're single or have got daughters learn the Shorter Catechism.