What accent does God have?

Paul Levy
Very often when people speak about guidance they will talk about a conversation with God. It goes something like this.....I was saying to the Lord and he said to me.... (feel free in to fill in what you want).

I was once told of the minister who sat in his car before he went away and prayed 'Please Lord look after the church while I'm gone', to which the Lord supposedly replied 'Who do you think looks after it while you're here.' Now of course we know that's not true but do we? There are many Christian leaders who talk about God speaking to them audibly, my question is what accent does he have? Could you have recorded it?

God speaks clearly, finally, definitively in the Bible. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of Scripture and speaks to us but not in an audible voice. The Holy Spirit comforts, bears witness with our Spirit, he is the revealer and enlightener of Scripture but does he speak audibly and does he do that often? I would have huge doubts. What kind of example does that give to the average Christian? Or is it just the big guns who God speaks to?

This video that was played after Jason Meyer was inducted to Bethelehem Baptist Church is hugely impressive in the manner that the succession has been handled. The elders seem to have acted very well and at this point both former Pastor and current pastor and congregation are happy - no mean feat! However, the whole 'voice of God' thing is worrying. I may have got completely the wrong end of the stick (it wouldn't be the first time and it won't be the last) but one of the great determining factors in this move for Dr Meyer was a direct revelation from God of a voice saying you have to do this. God even spoke to him audibly while doing the washing up.

At the very least that surely is not a great example to the congregation. God's word is not enough, the wisdom of the church is not enough, we need something else, something more, something more immediate. When you face a really big decision you need the audible voice of God, a direct personal revelation to you. At this point you move on to very dangerous ground.