Weak on Holiness

A recent post on Reformation21 was removed by the author. But thanks be to the Aquila "Report" (quotes mine), republication is truly well and alive

The author on the Aquila "Report" takes issue with a certain Ref21 blogger for undermining good works in the Christian life. This Ref21 blogger allegedly denies WCF 16.2-3 for saying:

Who is this blogger? He is pictured below - without a mask this time - and he is weak on the necessity of good works.

Now where's that famous Lloyd-Jones quote when I need it....

Got Antinomianism (2) new.jpg

Pastor Mark Jones is re-reading chapter 5 of Antinomianism in order to try and rectify his theology of good works before his lecture on Antinomianism at the Westminster Conference in London on Dec. 3.