Upcoming events

A few things coming up . . .

First, today and tomorrow is the Grace Baptist Assembly, meeting in the wilds of Derbyshire, on the theme of "Building Healthy Churches." I am a reasonably last minute replacement for Alun McNabb, kept away by illness, and my topics in two sermons will be the nature and purpose of the church. Though it is probably a little late for interested parties to book, I am sure that prayer will be much appreciated.

Then, on Monday 2nd June is the Effective Evangelism Conference at Grace Baptist Church, Edlesborough. Four men will be addressing various aspects of the labours of the church to reach the lost: door to door work, open-air preaching, small groups, and dedicated seasons. The emphasis will be on the principled and practical equipment of those eager to preach the gospel for the task in hand. All are welcome.

Finally, in the evening of Monday 2nd June at 6.30pm is the Annual Lecture of the Evangelical Library. Andrew Atherstone of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, will be speaking on Burying George Whitefield: Eulogies And Elegies in England and New England. Again, all are welcome.