Trueman's Hypocrisy

Rev Boadicea von Ribbentrop

Trueman's use of a Welsh poet to kick off his inaugural, so ably pointed out by Rev Del Thomas, is just another example of the pathetic hypocrisy of this poor excuse for a historical theologian.  I mean, at a recent liturgical-dance-and-share-and-hug meeting at St Olaf's the Sublime, I gave the Ashton Kutcher lecture for Friends of the Humorless on `Vlad the Impaler, Carl Trueman, and Other Vile and Evil Dudes of History.'  Did you know that Trueman rejects the ordination of women but -- get this, sisters -- has a PAT BENATAR album on his iPod!!???  Hypocrite or what???? It surely stands to every non-foundationalist, post-imperialist, gynocratic reason that if a woman can produce a kickin' rock album like Pat, then Mr High and mighty Trueman, why shouldn't she preach the word and administer the sacraments???!!!    Come on, hit me with your best shot, wise guy!!!!!  And don't start quoting Paul at me - we live in a postMadonnist world which has liberated us from the need to obey the clear teaching of the word of God and allows us simply to subject it to our own cultural tastes (surely some mistake here? - Del T)