Trueman on Luther

Luther Christian Life (Trueman).jpg
No, not Carl's triumphant return to provide a window into the mind of "Luther" Levy, but rather the celebrity anti-celebrity's latest offering, considering Luther on the Christian Life (Crossway, arriving later this month). We are promised many good things between the covers of this volume, which can be ordered or pre-purchased in the usual disreputable places ( / / Westminster).

In any case, this looks like it might prove one of the definitive introductions to the character and convictions of a man that so many claim and so few of us understand. I am just disappointed that the marketing department have missed the obvious Valentine's publicity shot of young Martin and his beloved. Whether or not we can get this fellow to don the cowl once more and re-enact some of the better-known episodes of the Reformer's life remains to be seen.

Levy, Paul (monk).jpg