Trouble amidst the gleaming spires

A friend brought the following article to my attention.  It's from Britain's Guardian (or `Grauniad'),,2080361,00.html

It's rather reminiscent of an article in a British broadsheet a few years ago which painted David Peterson, Principal of Oak Hill, as a kind of Australian Christian jihadist, sent over by Moore College to subvert the British way of life.  

It is a shame that `homophobia,' conservative Anglican evangelicals, and the internal politics of an Oxford theological college seem to create more concern and hysteria in the British media than those adherents of another religion who stand in the streets of London, waving banners demanding the beheading of the democratically elected Home Secretary.  Trashing the conservative Anglicans for hate crimes and alleged bullying?  Thank goodness there's someone brave enough to champion that cause.  Now we know that our traditional freedoms are safe and secure.