Totally predictable!!!

Rodney Trotter
Just as I expected, the usual discernoholics, as I call them, will, I am sure, be writing to me at some point in the far-off distant future to complain about my invitation to Bishop Gantry to join me and my buddies for laughs, conversation and agenda setting larks in the Cuckoo's Nest.

Totally predictable.  Totally, utterly predictable.  Hey, haters, I await your complaints with a yawn and a roll of my eyes..

Let me remind you of some Theology 101: God made two kinds of people.  Big, extraordinary people and little, ordinary people.   Now, there are just two basic rules to remember: Rule 1 - the job of the big people is to tell the little people what to think and how to behave.  Rule 2 - the job of the little people is to listen to the big people and do as they say.   Hey, it really is totally that simple -- not exactly the doctrine of the Trinity, is it?!?  LOL!!

Incredibly humbling as it is for me to say this, the Lord has laid on me the terrible burden of being -- yes, you guessed it, a big person.  And you -- well, almost all of you have the awesome and exciting privilege of being little people.  While I wish I too could be little and, frankly, irrelevant, sadly the lot has fallen for me in a different place.  Me big, you little.  I won't patronise you by drawing out the implications of that for our relationship.

Thus, you must trust me on this -- I can assure you that Bishop Gantry is a man of great spiritual integrity, someone whose attitude to things such as money and power is, frankly, far more biblical than the monasticism I see creeping in to the reformed evangelical movement.  I can also attest to the fact that he always says nice things about Jesus whenever he mentions him and often cries when he thinks of injured puppies.  Above all, his presence on stage sells a lot of tickets, a sure sign that the Lord is blessing his ministry in powerful ways. 

Thus, those tempted to criticise should first ask themselves the hard questions of gospel-centred self-examination, such as `How many advance tickets would my presence on stage sell?'   And if that number isn't greater than 4 000 then, darlings, might I be so bold as to suggest that you might want to remind yourself of little old Rule 2 (see above) before you presume to criticise Bishop Gantry and my other friends in the Cuckoo's Nest?

So, hey, haters, let me urge you to set aside your discernoholism.  The Bible, after all,  has some pretty harsh things to say about that attitude: see Acts 17:11.  Rather give thanks for the privilege of being ministered to by people such as Bishop Gantry and myself.

If, however, you find you still struggle with the sin of questioning big people, hate and discernoholism, I suggest you watch the following video which was sent to one of the Ref21 bloggers this week as a means of helping him mortify this particular sin.You can download it here.