Women's conferences are from Mars

Paul Levy

There are a number of things I fear in ministry which will never take place. One is the usual preachers dream of standing up the front preaching when you realise you haven't got any trousers on. The other is Jeremy Walker bringing out his own album 'Now that's what I call the Psalms', but the one that's been preying on my mind more prevalently in the last few days is if I'm ever asked to speak at a women's convention. I'm not against the guys that do it but there's something in my working class, comprehensive school, barely educated background that would probably mean I need to resign if asked.  I read Lauryn Chandler's report of why she missed the TGC conference and lessons learnt from it and thought I'd landed on another planet. It  left me speechless but that's possibly a cultural difference.

There was a photo booth at the conference as well and again that is not wrong, it's just different. I'm longing to ask if there were cardboard cut outs of the speakers but at this point I must stop. Women's conferences are from another world. In conclusion I have no doubt Carl is uniquely gifted to speak at a women's conference possibly accompanied in song by Jeremy and his extensive back catalogue.


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