Theistic Evolution: A Hermeneutical Trojan Horse

Rick Phillips

I have been interested to follow the web reaction to Dr. Bruce Waltke's resignation from RTS for his Biologos video insisting that evangelicals must accept evolution or be considered a "cult", especially that which lambasts those who would criticize scholars of such eminence as Dr. Waltke.  There are, however, some features of Waltke's video, as with Dr. Enns' articles on Paul and Adam, that counter this sentiment.  Most significant is the fact that neither of these Old Testament scholars base their arguments on the Old Testament at all.  Rather, their claims are based on evidence from outside of their academic competence - science and archaeology - and only then do they turn to the Bible, seeking to harmonize Scripture with the scientific orthodoxy.  This is, in fact, the true issue that has people like me so concerned: our supposedly eminent Bible scholars are now going on record to say that we must subordinate the authority of Scripture to the higher and more objective standard of secular science.