The Value of Reading Expository Commentaries

Rick Phillips
One of my tasks this month is editing Derek Thomas' forthcoming commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah for the Reformed Expository Commentary series.  I am learning so much and benefiting from its extraordinary value!  This reminds me of the great value in regularly reading through expository commentaries, especially for preachers.  For years I have plugged through such volumes of exposition and books of sermons, mainly for personal devotional purposes but also for professional growth.  I can hardly express the blessing I have received in this way.  This would be a very good habit for all Christians who teach (and that would include fathers and mothers!).  

Some expository series that come to mind are the James Boice expositional commentaries (on which I cut my teeth as a younger believer), Crossway's Preaching the Word series, and the Reformed Expository Commentary, of which I have the privilege of being series co-editor.  For those interested, the REC has forthcoming volumes on 1-2 Thessalonians (Phillips), Song of Songs (Duguid), Ezra-Nehemiah (Thomas), Revelation (Phillips), Zephaniah-Haggai-Malachi (Duguid), and 2 Samuel (Phillips).  These will come out in 2015-17.

In addition to these commentary series, there is always the great Spurgeon, G. Campbell Morgan, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones, to name some of the best.  What a great habit it is to read through such books on a daily basis as much as possible!