The Presbytery of Mississippi "Nullifies" PC(USA)'s PUP !

Ligon Duncan

Brave evangelical leaders in the PC(USA)'s Presbytery of Mississippi have produced a response to the infamous PUP (Peace, Unity and Purity) report. On this past Thursday, at a called meeting, the Presbytery of Mississippi overwhelmingy (by approximately 90 percent) passed the resolution.

Bible-believing Christians everywhere join to stand with our faithful Gospel-loving brothers and sisters in the PC(USA), and especially bold leaders like these in the Presbytery of Mississippi. These good folk are genuinely seeking to be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and to stand upon the Truth of the Word of God.

Let's pray that this resolution will send biblical fidelity-encouraging shockwaves through the PC(USA). May it serve as a message of hope to many, and an example for other conservative sessions and presbyteries.

Those of us in the PCA and the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals want our friends in the PC(USA) Presbytery of Mississippi (and many more like them throughout the PC(USA)) to know that we stand with you, and are grateful for your desire to be faithful to Christ. Sometimes, we know, willingness to begin taking very bold steps toward greater faithfulness, is daunting and costly. But the Captain of our salvation did not shrink from the deepest humiliation for the sake of his bride. May you follow, bravely and joyously, in his train.