The Man from George Street, Part 3

"That Baptist pastor flew to Adelaide in Australia the next week. And ten days later, in the middle of a three day series in a Baptist church in Adelaide, a woman came to him for counseling. He wanted to establish where she stood with Christ. And she said, “I used to live in Sydney. And just a couple of months back I was visiting friends in Sydney, doing some last minute shopping down George Street, and a strange little white-haired man—elderly man—stepped out of a shop doorway, offered me a pamphlet and said, “Excuse me ma’am, are you saved? If you die tonight, are you going to heaven?” She said, “I was disturbed by those words. When I got back to Adelaide, I knew this Baptist church was on the next block from me and I sought out the pastor and he led me to Christ. So sir, I am telling you that I am a Christian."


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