The Man from George Street, Part 4

"Now this London pastor was now very puzzled. Twice within a fortnight he had heard the same testimony. He then flew to preach in the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Perth. And when his teaching series was over, the senior elder of that church took him out for a meal. And he said, “Mate, how’d you get saved?” He said, “I grew up in this church from the age of fifteen, through boys’ brigade—never made a commitment to Jesus; just hopped on the bandwagon like everybody else. And because of my business ability, grew up to a place of influence. I was on a business outing in Sydney just three years ago, and an obnoxious, spiteful little man stepped out of a shop doorway, offered me a religious pamphlet (cheap junk!), and accosted me with a question: ‘Excuse me sir, are you saved? If you die tonight are you going to heaven?’” He said, “I tried to tell him I was a Baptist elder. He wouldn’t listen to me.” He said, “I was seething with anger all the way home on … to Perth. He said, I told my pastor, thinking he would sympathize with me, and my pastor agreed. He had been disturbed for years knowing that I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus, and he was right. And my pastor led me to Jesus just three years ago.”


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