The Man from George Street, Part 6

Coming back to London, the minister stopped outside Atlanta, Georgia, to speak at a naval chaplain’s convention. And when his three days of revving these naval chaplains up—over a thousand of them, in Suwanee—the chaplain general took him out for a meal. And he said, “How did you become a Christian?” And he said, “Well it was miraculous. I was a rating on a United States battleship and I lived a reprobate life. We were doing exercises in the South Pacific, and we docked in Sydney harbor for replenishments. We hit King’s Cross with a vengeance. I got blind drunk, I got on the wrong bus, got off in George Street and, as I got off the bus—I thought it was a ghost—this elderly white-haired man jumped in front of me, pushed a pamphlet in my hand and said, “Sailor, are you saved? If you die tonight, are you going to heaven?’” He said, “The fear of God hit me immediately. I was shocked sober and ran back to the battleship, sought out the chaplain; the chaplain led me to Christ, and I soon began to prepare for the ministry under his guidance. And here I am in charge of over a thousand chaplains who are bent on soul-winning today.”


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