The Man from George Street, Part 7

That London preacher, six months later, flew to do a convention for 5,000 Indian missionaries in a remote corner of northeastern India. And at the end, the Indian missionary in charge, a humble little man took him home to his humble little home for a simple meal. And he said, “How did you, as a Hindu, come to know Christ?” He said, “I was in a very privileged position; I worked for the Indian diplomatic mission, and I traveled the world. And I am so glad for the forgiveness of Christ and his blood covering my sin because I’d be very embarrassed if people found out what I got into.” He said, “One bout of diplomatic service took me to Sydney. And I was doing some last minute shopping, laden with parcels of toys and clothing for my children, walking down George Street. And this courteous little white-haired man stepped out in front of me, offered me a pamphlet, and said ‘Excuse me, sir. Are you saved? If you die tonight, are you going to heaven?’” He said, “I thanked him very much, but this disturbed me. I got back to my town, I sought out the Hindu priest, and he couldn’t help me. But he gave me some advice. He said, ‘Just to satisfy your curious mind—nothing else—go and talk to the missionary in the mission house at the end of the road.’ And that was fatal advice,” he said, “because that day the missionary led me to Christ. I quit Hinduism immediately, and then began to study for the ministry. I left the diplomatic service, and here I am by God’s grace in charge of all these missionaries, and we’re winning hundreds of thousands of people to Christ.”


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