The Beauty of HOA

Depending on where you live, you may not be affected by HOA (i.e., Home Owner's Association). There are typically two items involved in HOA. You are responsible to pay annual fees and you are entitled to attend HOA meetings. I, like all of you who incur HOA fees, can do without the former. Many can do without the latter as well.

If you are enrolled in a home owner's association, allow me to plead with you particularly regarding HOA meetings. While home owner's association meetings may not be the funniest thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, or whenever it is scheduled, you get to learn a lot about what is going on in your neighborhood. Besides that, you also get to meet people in your community. That is the beauty of HOA--people, and what can potential come from meeting those people.

People are great for many reasons. They are made in the image and after the likeness of God, though not in their originally created form; many are friendly; we can learn from them; we might discover we have the same hobbies and enjoy the same movies; our children may be the same age and can spend time together; and there is one more thing. You likely have something they do not. They need it; you have it--the gospel.

Whether you are the type to share the gospel immediately after meeting someone or you prefer to build relationships before introducing them to Christ, HOA affairs are a great place to begin that process. It is hard, however, to do that (i.e., share the gospel with unbelievers) if you know few of them. 

On numerous occasions I have heard believers say, "Most people I know are Christian." They have surrounded themselves with the saints. Their home school cohorts, weekly Bible studies, Sundays, and just about everything they do--lest work--is replete with believers. While it is a blessing to have Christians in our lives, we should also be concerned, and motivated to action, to meet unbelievers so that they might share in the goodness of the gospel with us. One way to do this (i.e., meet people), get to know them, and share these truths with them is at HOA meetings.

If you do not have an HOA, there are probably other community events that are held monthly or annually that can expose you to meet others. Get out and make yourself available! You might be surprised at some of the neat people you meet in the community. And if in God's providence you have the privilege to share the gospel, praise the Lord!