The 2014 Reformation 21 Awards

Paul Levy

'Newcomer of the year'- Mike Reeves has made a massive impact, announced to huge aplomb and his contributions have been outstanding

'Our biggest supporter award'- It's a close run thing but... Daryl Hart for his unstinting support, particularly in encouraging Mark Jones in so many ways. Daryl is the epitome of a warm hearted Calvinist in all his dealing with others. We, and many many others, are so grateful for his catholicism.
'Reformed Heritage Books sponsored award'goes to Rob Ventura. His keen literary mind has meant that he's produced more book puffs for Ref 21 than anyone else but only ever for one publisher who've sent them to him for free.

'Puritan Hymn writer of the year award' goes to... Jeremy Walker for the third year running. Jeremy wins this award, being the only nominee.

'Lifetime Achievement Award'- Prof Carl Trueman - This award is always given to someone slightly past their prime on the downhill. A once great outsider who became an insider. We honour his memory and have appointed about 15 people to replace him.

'Fundraiser award' -It was decided that in 2014 this award would not be given. Bob Brady was the only nominee for the award but as we ended up giving away old CDs of James Montgomery Boice to anyone who sent in $10 I'm not sure we can give it to him. Bob Brady's posts can ruin anyone's holidays - Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all saw him rattling the alliance tin.

'The dear friends and in the grip' Pastor of the Year award': Sean Lucas. Nobody does letters like Lucas letters

'Best Looking Blogger' Bruce Baugus or Leon Brown; though Rick Phillips ran them close

'Nicest Guy award' Scott Swain. Look at his picture. Says it all, really. Nobody on the whole internet dislikes Swain.

'In Joel Beeke's pocket award'- Goes to Mark Jones 'I keep the KJV Study bible nearby'

'The Tullian(cha-vi-jin) wannabe award'- Lee Gatiss. (Pronounced: Gate-iss). rumour has it he's wandering round the church society office with his shirt unbuttoned to his navel, permatanned up and wearing shoes with no socks.

'The Reformed Presbyterian Exclusive Psalmody award': Aaron Denlinger. For taking the heat off Mark Jones.

Finally we must give tribute and our final award to the prestigious2014 Ref 21 blogger of the year and the winner is...... Frank Turk - admittedly it was brief but boy did we get our money's worth. At times he was angry and very angry but he did so with great panache. I think it's safe to say there is a Frank Turk shaped hole in the Ref 21 blogging wall. Before presenting Frank with his award we got Carl Trueman and Aimee Byrd to perform this (Carl is the little one)