Springsteen again

I've been a subscriber to the monthly magazine, The Gramophone, for over forty years and in the latest edition (August 2006) there is an interview with the leading American baritone, Thomas Hampson. It transpires that he's an ipod geek. And what is playing currently on his ipod as he hops from one exotic location to the next? Bruce Springsteen's latest album, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions. And what was it Hampson found compelling? Apparently "the essence of story-telling, that kind of performance where you feel like it's being made up the moment you are hearing it." He goes on to reference Pete Seeger, the song writer, "praising, protesting, preaching..."

Which makes me wonder, apart from thoughts of Trueman's taste in music, how preaching ought to be more like that -- coming unrehearsed, existential, from one heart to another, "like it's being made up the moment you are hearing it." I'm not advocating lack of preparation or anything like it. Just more extemporary delivery.