Sharing the Gospel is Inconvenient

As I was walking from the restaurant to my car, I had one gospel tract in my pocket. I had purposed to give it to someone in route to my vehicle. Literally, that was my plan. I wanted to place the tract in someone's hand, continue walking, get in my truck, and leave. That did not happen. When I gave the tract to a man standing in my path, he asked, "What's this?" 

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps" (Prov. 16:9).

When he asked me to explain the material newly placed in his hand, I felt like he was inconveniencing me. I did not have time, or so I thought, to explain the law and the gospel to him. If he had just read the card, he would have received all the information he needed.

Although I felt inconvenienced, I am thankful the Lord ordered my steps in a different manner. I was privileged to share both the law and the gospel with him. Once the conversation ended, he said, "This is what I needed." I was shocked. He later began attending church with me.

Sharing the gospel takes time, time we often do not believe we have. Sometimes we are so concerned with ensuring our plans are completed, we do not stop to consider that the Lord may have other ways he would like to utilize us. Sure, we know in theory God "establishes [our] steps," but when the theory becomes a reality, it rattles our me-centered paradigm. That is one reason why some of us may not share the gospel very much, if at all. It is inconvenient, rattles our self-centered approached to life, and thwarts our plans. 

It takes time to answer people's questions about the Bible, sin, judgment, and Christ. It takes time to establish a relationship with people, invite them into your home, not just on your good days but also when your house is messy and your children are ill-behaved. It takes time to call people, particularly unbelievers, and remind them of the law and gospel and set up times to have coffee with them. It takes time to invite them to church. It takes time. 

Do you have it? More specifically, will you make it?

If this is true about you (i.e., sharing the gospel is an inconvenience), what can you do to avoid this mentality? One suggestion is to pray because you have a heart problem. Ask the Holy Spirit to change your disposition toward how you see your time and how you see non-Christians. I am certain he will answer your prayer.