Today, I had the privilege of teaching one of my seminars with a small group of students. The topic: New Perspective on Paul. No, it isn't an obsession. It just "happened" that this was the topic for today. Next door, through very thin walls, the resonant voice of Ligon Duncan could be heard lecturing on covenant theology. During a short break, Ligon popped his head around the door on his way to get some coffee (which I had supplied for the class). I asked him, "Ligon, what do you think about..." and for about 2 minutes he said some mildly interesting things. Half way through the next hour, one of my students said, "I'm really impressed by what Dr. Duncan said..." at which point I broke in and said, "Wait a minute! I've been here an hour and half and no one has said, 'I'm really impressed by what Dr. Thomas said.'" It's the Welsh in me, but I can't help thinking that life can be so, well, unfair!