Resolutions for the New Year

I don't really care for Resolutions, mainly because I rarely keep them. Personally, I just want to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ day by day, depending especially on the ordinary means of grace to accomplish this purpose. But for 2015, I want to go the extra mile and set modest goals:


1. To go to a Liberate conference, and drink 100 proof, undiluted Scotch until it is empty.


2. To start a John Murray-Meredith Kline Facebook page...oh, wait, there is a Kline Facebook page already, and they keep sending me requests to join their group. 


3. To gain 5 more twitter followers to my (somewhat) anonymous twitter account.

Pic not available for security reasons.

4. To watch Nacho Libre with our church youth group and then body slam two of the youth who are not yet baptized.

youth nacho.jpeg

5. To visit China, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, and .... Greenville,  South Carolina, and not ask: can anything good come out of Greenville?


6. To take my wife to see Air Supply when we're all out of love.

air supply.jpeg

7. To read a book and break out into singing, "These are the days of Elijah."


8. To not get fired from Ref21.


9. To wave the wand of narcissus (i.e. take a selfie) and finally get a profile pic up like the rest of the lads on this blog. 


10. To get unfriended by 5 people who sent me friend requests on Facebook. It is like the trash taking itself out. 


11 (because I now detest lists of "ten"). 
To implement a liturgical dance in our weekly liturgy and to sing Shine Jesus Shine on Easters.


Pastor Mark Jones is confident about all of these except #8.