Ref21's postmillennial turn

On many occasions in my younger days I imagined what it would be like to be "left behind"--to walk into an empty house after school, perhaps, only to discover that everyone had experienced the rapture except for me. Never, however, have I considered what it would be like to discover that postmillennialism was in fact true--never that is, until the recent events that we have witnessed here at Reformation21. 

Consider, first, the return of the Reverend Doctor Sean Lucas. It was not very long ago that he was swearing off all blogging in my very own ears. But then, all of a sudden, here he is--presenting his always-winsome self with the royal "we." Is this not a sign that a brighter, friendlier day has dawned at Ref21?

Consider, next, the recent love-fest between Jones and Levy. Has Nacho Libre left his days of spirited  wrestling behind? The Canadian lies down with the Welshman. 

I halfway expected to wake up tomorrow morning to discover a new post from Derek Thomas!

But then Lee Gatiss brought me back to the real world, the real Ref21 world. And my postmillennial imaginings dissipated almost as quickly as they had formed. 

Now that I've got my feet back on the firm, hard ground of virtual reality, I'll return to my normally pessimistic amillennial posture, and perhaps reflect a bit more on what role Bruce Baugus plays in all this. I'm thinking Kirk Cameron...