Praying Through the Scriptures: Acts 7

Over the years it has been my practice, learned from others, to offer up praises and petitions framed by a passage of Scripture. Some of these passages were read in preparation for preaching, others offered material for meditation in daily devotion; still others were plundered specifically for the purpose of finding fresh material for prayer. As I continue to learn how to pray I have shared a few prayers with my family and friends for their use or adaptation. The Alliance has asked me to share some with you too. Here are the prayers we have considered so far followed by the next prayer in this meditative series:

Genesis 1

Genesis 2

Deuteronomy 3

Joshua 23

Joshua 24; Acts 4

Judges 2; Acts 6

Galatians 5:16-26

Acts 8

Acts 7

"Lord our God, you are the one who appeared to the patriarchs, and brought them to a new land. You are the one who brought a family into Egypt so that you could bring a nation out of it. You are the one who raised up Moses, and promised to raise up One like him, but mightier than he. You are the one who has received us into an eternal kingdom, in the name and the merits of Jesus Christ, who remains in your presence on our behalf.

Lord, you can do all things; no one should refuse to obey you, or try to thrust you aside. For heaven is your throne and the earth your footstool. You have made all things. And yet our God we have sinned against you; help us not to resist your Spirit, but to be led by him. We are all too often like your stiff-necked people of years gone past; help us to be pliable under your hand.

And so we ask you today to pardon our many sins. Do so, we pray, for the sake of the truly Righteous One, who was betrayed and murdered because so we could have forgiveness and life. Do so, for the sake of the One who stands at your right hand.

And when the day comes for us to die, receive our spirits into your presence, and forgive not only our sins, but those who have sinned against us. In the glorious name of Jesus we pray, AMEN."

*This is the ninth post in a series on "Praying Through the Scriptures."