Praying Through the Scriptures: Judges 2; Acts 6

Over the years it has been my practice, learned from others, to offer up praises and petitions framed by a passage of Scripture. Some of these passages were read in preparation for preaching, others offered material for meditation in daily devotion; still others were plundered specifically for the purpose of finding fresh material for prayer. As I continue to learn how to pray I have shared a few prayers with my family and friends for their use or adaptation. The Alliance has asked me to share some with you too. Here are the prayers we have considered so far followed by the next prayer in this meditative series:

Genesis 1

Genesis 2

Deuteronomy 3

Joshua 23

Joshua 24; Acts 4

Judges 2; Acts 6: The Covenant Maker

"Father in heaven, you are a covenant-maker. You offer promises that you always fulfill; what you give you never take away; you are utterly trustworthy, and I come to you in worship of your holy name.

But Father, I am covenant-breaker. I am often distracted by the inhabitants of this world; sometimes more loyal to them than I am to you. I try to manage sin, to "handle it," when I should flee from it. While you are ever faithful, I find myself on the edge of abandoning you, and serving the gods of this world. The fact that they are empty of any real promise only makes me ashamed that the temptation is so real. The fact that the danger is real only makes me more desperate for your help. Please forgive me Jesus's sake, for he is the one who resisted all temptation; please help me in your Spirit's power, for he is the one who can deliver me from danger.

I ask this, and then I am emboldened to ask more: in spite of my weakness, and the weakness of others whom I love, I pray that your Word would continue to increase, that the number of disciples would be multiplied greatly, everywhere, and that many who have struggles like my own would become obedient to the faith.  I pray that you would fill us with your grace and power, so that no one will be able to withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which we speak. And in all of this, may your name be lifted high above us, as we ourselves recede into the crowd of your worshippers.

In Jesus's name we ask this, AMEN."