PCRT in Greenville

Five Reasons to come to PCRT in Greenville

In a little under a month, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology will make its second trip to Greenville, South Carolina.  Why should you come?  Here's at least 5 reasons:

• First, and foremost, you'll get to hear four of the top preachers/teachers in evangelicalism.  Ligon Duncan, Joel Beeke, Cornel Venema and Michael Horton will be bringing the Word of God during the conference. So, maybe there should just be four reasons you should come - these four men!

• Second, the theme of this year's conference could hardly be more timely: "These Last Days: A Christian View of History." Well did John Brown of Haddington observe: "Often we read history like atheists...To read of events, without observing God in them, is to read as atheists." Coming to PCRT Greenville will help you to avoid this - and other extremes when dealing with the all-important question facing every person alive today: where is history going? 

• Third, the intimate setting of PCRT in Greenville. You will be able to meet the speakers simply because that is one of the great benefits of PCRT. From mingling at the bookstore to brief - but powerful - conversations after a teaching session, PCRT Greenville is a conference that allows for meaningful interaction between speakers and those who come to be fed.

• Fourth, PCRT is coming to Greenville, South Carolina. Many reading this may not know where Greenville is. Here's a brief description: it is in the Upcountry (as distinguished from the Midlands, Lowcountry and Pee Dee regions) of South Carolina. It sits in the shadow of the Blue Ridge mountains and was voted in the top three cities of its size for well over five years running. PCRT Greenville is held at the Second Presbyterian Church in the historic West End of the city, right in the heart of Greenville's gorgeous downtown (complete with parks, shopping and some really, really good restaurants).

• Fifth, and finally, you should come because we need the Word of God taught to us in all its awe-inspiring wonder by men who love it and know it well. We need to be reminded (again and again) that Jesus is in charge and that he has amazing plans for his church - and this world. 

A cadre of great speakers, a timely theme, an intimate setting, a fantastic location and God's Word being what you need - five (overwhelming) reasons you should be in Greenville, South Carolina at the historic Second Presbyterian Church from April 16-18. Take it from a local - and a fellow pilgrim in these last days.

You can register online for PCRT Greenville here


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