PCRT Greenville Wrap Up

PCRT Greenville officially ended after morning worship this past Lord's Day after Dr. Duncan's glory-filled address on "Partakers of the Age to Come."  But the conference itself is still lingering in the pre-summer humid air of Greenville.  Some highlights:

  • Joel Beeke's opening address on Revelation 1:8.  David Wells has instructed us well on the reigning weightlessness of God in evangelicalism.  Dr. Beeke's preaching is the polar opposite; it was so full of Christ, so weighty with the glory of God, that one expected heaven to open above him.  What a blessing!
  • Cornel Venema's preconference and conference addresses.  Not only was his scholarship rigorous, his preaching was captivating.  A rare combination and a positive delight.  I want the brother to preach at my funeral after hearing him on the resurrection!
  • Michael Horton on this present evil age.  Dr. Horton treated us to a tour of redemptive history and what it means to live in this present evil age, starting with the murder of Cain and Abel.  Added bonus: talking with Dr. Horton the night before on the Law, Gospel and reaching lost people.
  • Ligon Duncan's Lord's Day preaching.  Dr. Duncan set forth what it means to live with losses and crosses with an eye to eternity.  He used several poingnant illustrations from church history, his own congregation and, of course, Scotland to encourage the people.  As I was greeting folks coming out of the service, more than one person said, "I simply did not want him to stop." 

Finally, it was a delight to meet so many wonderful people from all across the nation.  It was a joy to sing to our King before each session.  Considering These Last Days in Greenville with brothers and sisters in the faith, in short, was a foretaste of heaven that makes one the most earthly good.


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