On the Passing of a Christian Gentleman -- John Stott

I have just learned of the death of John Stott. He was ninety years old. I will reflect on this tomorrow, but the fact that I have been walking with Christ for the past forty years is entirely due (from a human point of view) to John Stott. It was through reading his book Basic Christianity in 1971 as a college freshman that I first encountered the gospel. Within days of reading it, I had turned from darkness to light. I have kept a copy of this book within arms reach in my study ever since as a reminder of God's grace to me. I am grateful to God for giving us this scholarly gentleman, full of grace and biblical determination. His last book, published only a year or so ago, The Radical Disciple is a testimony to a man who maintained his biblical convictions to the very end. I am grateful, too, for his indefatigable secretary, Frances Whitehead, whom I came to know from her annual visits to the church in Belfast (to visit her life-long friend) where I used to minister. 

Thank you, Dr. Stott, for your faithfulness. May it urge us to follow the Savior as you did. 


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