On the Communion of the Saints in Glory

Previous posts have mourned the passing of Al Groves, who taught Old Testament at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia.  I was blessed by a letter Al wrote to his friends, to be shared at the time of his funeral.  The letter included these encouraging words:

"For most of my Christian life I have wanted to see Jesus face-to-face, to join in with the heavenly chorus in his presence around his royal throne and declare his praise in new ways. Something else has grown through the years: an abiding sense that this is not for me alone. Being with Jesus by myself is not what he wants nor is it what I want. To be there with you all, those he loves and those I have come to love, that is true joy. I have often thought of coming to heaven as Jesus standing at the finish line of a race awaiting those looking for him, trusting in him, pursuing him. But it isn't a race for me to finish first or alone. It has always been a race for us to finish together, arm in arm, having encouraged one another in faith."


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