Mr Contrarian (CRT) does the Ice Bucket Challenge

A council member from - ahem - The Gospel Coalition sent me this today. We here at Reformation21 nominate the entire Gospel Coalition, all 1,000,000+ of you.  

Some observations are in order: 

1. We know Carl is against  American pastors speaking about their hot wives, but his wife dressed this way seems to be a classic over-reaction to the aforementioned problem. 

2. Judging by his right foot in the video, he had done this challenge a few times before in order to perfect it. Or he plays the organ at his church and was simultaneously practicing for Sunday.

3. His final shriek suggests that he belongs with the organ and not the choir. 

Pastor Mark Jones did his ice-bucket challenge in the lavatory of an American Airlines plane (yes, I have video evidence). Truth be told, he recently did a conference for the Alliance in Texas at a Baptist church and felt like re-baptizing himself, by immersion, which he later found out doesn't count :(