Metaphysics and the God of Israel

Today I picked up a copy of a new book by my old pal, Neil MacDonald, with the fascinating title Metaphysics and the God of Israel  (Baker).  Neil approaches theology from a broadly Barthian perspective, though this book engages with a veritable pantheon of intellectual giants, from poets to philosophers.   What I appreciate is the desire to connect ST and BT, and the acknowledgment of the crucial role of metaphysics/ontology in all of this.  OK, I'm not a Barthian (despite the ludicrous, libellous, and laughable suggestion of such in a book review of Mike Horton's excellent intro to covenant theology in a recent edition of JETS -- and there was me thinking my life's work was actually a debunking of T F Torrance's historiography, not a surreptitious intrusion of the same into Westminster!  Glad to have my own thought explained to me by someone who really understands.  Ahem.) -- but, that said, it seems to me that Reformed BT and ST need to take seriously both the narrative of the Bible and the ontology of the Bible if they are to enjoy a fruitful relationship.  Neil may have offered a model with which I disagree, but in so doing he lays out a challenge to Reformed confessional theology to do better.