Living in Shadowlands

Trotter, sleuth of News International, is under investigation for hacking into my Twitter account only to discover my non-celebrity status at an all time low. What? I have no followers, not even one?  Not even my wife? Or Jake (my dog)? Today, I find I have over two thousand -- Lemmings one and all, sucked in by Trotter's expose (that should be "eh" at the end of that word but this software has French-antipathy). Can I cope with the instant stardom? Will I get an invitation to speak at the T4G Conference? 

I must confess to mixed feelings. Does this now ruin my kenosis-stance of lowliness in the face of burgeoning mega-fame in the church? Are humility and Twitter mutually exclusive? Would Jesus tweet? While I ponder these deep things, my status is changing and I must let my 2,249 followers know.