Law and Gospel

Iain D Campbell

My friend Gary Brady has been blogging on the Affinity Theological Conference at which I recently gave a paper on the threefold dvision of the law. The subject was 'The End of the Law?' and attracted about 140 delegates. The central questions revolved around the application of the Decalogue today, in the light of the fulfilment in Christ. Those of us who wish to defend Westminster's position on the abiding nature and relevance of the moral law seemed to be pitted against an exegesis which, under the general rubric of New Covenant Theology (a label to which I object), sees all the law material of the Old Testament as of a piece, and all to be exegeted in the light of the final revelation of Christ. I don't think Westminster was doing anything else, and if my theology is not new covenant theology (lower case, pehaps) I don't know what it is. Conference papers will be published in due course.


The following piece about William Grimshaw on the BBC website may be of interest also: