Late Summer Reading

Not wishing to disturb Trueman (who seems to be on a roll), I have a couple of books to bring to your attention. Both of these are by former colleagues of mine (and therefore I'm totally biased). The first is a paperback (144pp) by Dale Ralph Davis -- The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life (Christian Focus). It contains an exposition of the first twelve psalms. I would cross the ocean to hear Davis preach -- expositonal, hilarious illustrations, rooted in life's realities and unashamedly applicatory whilst senstive to redemptive-historical nunaces (a rare gift!). This a gem and you should buy a dozen copies -- giving the first to your pastor and the second to your mother.

The second is on the other end of the scale. Call me weird, but I read commentaries for fun! Ok, I am weird. Knox Chamblin has spent his entire life (or so it seemed to me) thinking about Matthew's Gospel and his two-volumed magnum opus (Mentor) comes to almost 1,600 pages! But every line is masterfully written. If I were to be limited to only one commentary on Matthew, this would be the one.

O, I'm also reading Brett MacCracken's Hipster Christianity (Baker Books) because -- well, I want to hip! I understand the book is causing something of a stir in hipster land.  This must be the book of the year...riveting and distressingly honest. It reads like notes from a private counselling session. O my, what a mess the church is in!