John Stott, the Ornithologist

The news of John Stott's upcoming retirement brings many thoughts of appreciation for his ministry, with gratitude to God.

I first heard Dr. Stott preach at Wheaton College -- a marvelous Bible exposition, with Stott's characteristic clarity in explaining the Gospel.  Through the years I have been helped by his many books, including his commentaries in the Bible Speaks Today (especially his gift for clear expositional outlines and for cutting through the exegetical clutter to say what most needs to be said about a passage), his excellent book The Cross of Christ, and his bifocal approach to homiletics (Between Two Worlds).  His exceptional leadership for the Lausanne Conference should also be mentioned.

But I also have a special appreciation for Stott's fanatical love of birdwatching.  His book The Birds Our Teachers is a real delight, with devotional lessons drawn from the birds we meet in general (creation) and special (the Scriptures) revelation.  The book is lavishly illustrated with Stott's own photographs of some of the nearly 3000 species that he has observed through the years.  The man's passion for God and for living the Christian life come through as clearly in this book as in any of Stott's other writings.


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