Is God anti-gay?

Paul Levy
Sam Allberry's book 'Is God Anti Gay?' is very helpful on many different levels. It is excellent for those struggling with sexuality issues, it's great for members of the congregation to learn how to respond biblically to the gay question, and it's very useful for us as pastors and church staff to think through how our congregation is handling and addressing the issue of sexuality.
I cannot speak highly enough of the material. It is brief; only 83 pages, clear with good exposition of scriptures, it answers questions that we are being asked - 'Surely a same sex partnership is ok if it's committed and faithful?', 'Jesus never mentions homosexuality. How can it be wrong?' 'Aren't we just picking and choosing  which Old Testament laws apply?' and then they key issue 'Can't Christians just agree to differ on this?'. Every minister should read this book and we should endeavour to get it into the hands of as many of our congregation as possible.
However 'Is God Anti Gay?' is a prime example of 'Don't trust a book by its appearance and feel!!' The Good Book Company have obviously decided to go down the Bengali sweat shop approach to publishing books. It's produced as cheaply as possible and content of this quality should have been given better treatment.

Watch an interview with Sam here

The book is avvailable in the UK here, US here