If you appoint men who are not qualified for the eldership what happens......

Paul Levy
I wanted 10 but only came up with 7.....
1. The church is weakened because the leaders do not model godliness. Congregations should be able to look at their elders and aspire to be like them in their life and teaching.

2. You place the future of the church in peril. Ministers come and go. Most elders will outlive ministers and have to choose the next pastor.

3. You put your minister in a vulnerable position. It may well be that the elders are weak men that allow him to do exactly as he pleasees. All the decisions go his way and people become afraid of standing up to him. Alternatively there are countless examples of elders who make the ministers life a misery by pulling up the hand break at each opportunity and being obstreporous.

4. Untheological elders are not going to be able to spot error. In all likelihood it'll be a matter of emphasis and we start to get unbalanced in our teaching. Elders with a good knowledge of scripture and the Confession will be able to correct us, or at least flag up where we might be becoming unbalanced.

5. Your elders will not be shepherds of the flock.They will become a board of directors who make executive decisions without actually caring for people and dealing with people's needs. Pragmatism kills churches in the long term.

6. When it comes to big decisions and attacks on the truth, the only hope is that they'll make the right decisions based on personal loyalty. They are not going to have the right theological categories to make the right decisions based on the issues.

7. Church discipline will be nearly impossible because they won't see the problem