I Know Nothing

The Baptists love their water; 
The Covenanters love their Psalter;
But mess with the Klineans, 
You'll soon be on the altar!

The good folk at Ref21 - that is, the top men - were so chuffed with my entrance into this intra-Reformed debate, that they'd like to see more publications on republication. Something about showing how dozens of well-known Reformed theologians believed Adam and Christ both had faith, and whereas one depended on the Holy Spirit, the other did not. One could always read, A Puritan Theology, pp. 226-232, 341-344 in the meantime, while I decide whether to bow out and save my administrative assistant a lot of time and trouble.

I do, however, continue to welcome emails of praise to go along with the inevitable (unsolicited) emails that tell me "I know nothing". I give you, Basil and Manuel:

Pastor Mark Jones believes if you give up republication then justification will falter...