How People Change

One of the most important questions we ask prospective pastoral interns at Tenth Church is: "How do people grow spiritually?"  The answer quickly reveals whether or not candidates are grace-oriented in their discipleship and also how well they understand the role of God's means of grace (the Word, sacraments, and prayer) in the Christian life.

I have high hopes for the new book I received yesterday: How People Change, by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp.  Dr. Lane and Dr. Tripp have served together at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF); they both lecture at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadephia.  Happily, at least for me, Paul Tripp is now also my colleague at Tenth Church, having started to serve this month as our Assistant Minister to Center City.

But the important thing to say is that they both have an excellent grasp of the true biblical principles for spiritual change -- how God is at work to make us the people we were created to be.  I am looking forward to reading their book and using it for ministry.