Holding Hands, Holding Hearts

I am delighted to say that Rick and Sharon Phillips will be giving a seminar on dating and relationships at Tenth Presbyterian Church on September 29 and 30.

Presumably most readers of this blog are familiar with Rick's excellent teaching ministry.  What you may not know is what a warm, caring, and winsome person Sharon is.  The teaching that they both do in this seminar is outstanding -- the fruit of their own marriage and also their extensive experience in ministering to singles.  I have already had frequent opportunity to recommend their book Holding Hands, Holding Hearts, and have heard good reports about how much people have been helped by it. 

To register for the seminar: call the Alliance at 215-546-3696, send an email to alliance@alliancenet.org, or visit http://www.reformedresources.org/HHHH.htm.