Guy Waters on the Federal Vision

Ligon Duncan
Guy Waters' helpful book on the Federal Vision is now in print. Here's the cover and a portion of David Calhoun's endorsement (many ref21 readers will immediately recognize Dr. Calhoun as a beloved and revered professor of Church History at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis).

Federal Vision and Covenant Theology (The) / Guy Prentiss Waters

It is clear from reading The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology that the new Federal Vision theologians truly desire to be biblical in their understanding and presentation of the Christian (and Reformed) faith. This goal all of us gladly share. What we most earnestly want is not victory in theological debate but unity in biblical understanding. We are indebted to Waters for advancing the discussion along biblical lines “in the bond of peace.”
-David Calhoun, Covenant Theological Seminary

David's more extended remarks about this book and topic are typical David - gracious and searching.