Paul Levy
All preachers have annoying habits. People in my congregation occasionally talk about the claw. I find myself making a point and I have this mystery claw I turn my hand into and hold it by my head. Don Carson went through a stage when he used to twirl his glasses which was very maddening. When I was studying at Cornhill David Jackman used to put his thumb between his index finger and third finger whilst making a point. It was like he was saying to the congregation, 'I've got your nose'. However, the claw, twirling glasses and thumb nose have nothing on what I've discovered about Matt Chandler. Someone gave me one of his books so I googled him and watched a few minutes of his sermon. I was transfixed by what I saw. Not only does he seem a decent preacher but the guy does sign language. It took me 10 minutes to work out whether he's deaf or not; I don't think he is but when it comes to gesticulating the fella could work for aircraft control.