Gelernter on the Next Great Awakening

In doing a little research this week on illiteracy, biblical and otherwise, I came across a provocative statement from David Gelernter ("Bible Illiteracy in America," The Weekly Standard, May 23, 2005, Vol. 10, Issue 34):

"My guess is that our next Great Awakening will begin among college students. College students today are (spiritually speaking) the driest timber I have ever come across. Mostly they know little or nothing about religion; little or nothing about Americanism. Mostly no one ever speaks to them about truth and beauty, or nobility or honor or greatness. They are empty--spiritually bone dry--because no one has ever bothered to give them anything spiritual that is worth having. Platitudes about diversity and tolerance and multiculturalism are thin gruel for intellectually growing young people.

"Let the right person speak to them, and they will turn back to the Bible with an excitement and exhiliration that will shake the country. In reading the Bible they will feel as if they are going home--which is just what they will be doing. Nothing would do America more good than a biblical homecoming."


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