Fundamentalism, Christian Schooling, and the Antithesis

Rick Phillips
Having moved to Greenville, SC, one of the big decisions has been where to send our children to school.  This year we have a fifth, fourth, and second grader (with two more raring to take their turn).  We really are not a homeschooling family, so the choice was between public schools and private Christian schools.  I confess that I began with a desire to send our kids to public school.  My reasoning was that 1) the moral climate of public schools can't be too bad in a place like Greenville; 2) I really hate the way we Christians live in our self-imposed ghetto; and 3) I don't have to pay through the nose for public school.  Nonetheless, we ended up enrolling our children in Bob Jones Christian School, an arm of the well-known fundamentalist college, Bob Jones University.  Our decision-making process prompted some interesting thoughts: