Fond Farewells

Rick Phillips
I won't be attending the PCA GA this week because my family is getting ready to pack up and move to South Carolina.  My wife actually encouraged me to go to GA anyway, but anticipating that if I did she would be passed out with the fatigue of selling and buying a house, and all the multitude of assorted errands one must perform when about to move, I really didn't think I should go.

This past Lord's Day was our farewell to our beloved congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Coral Springs/Margate.  It is so hard to decide that God is calling you to leave your church, but then so much harder actually to leave.  But Sharon and I feel a great sense of satisfaction, knowing that we leave a unified, loving congregation that is committed to the Word of God and the Reformed faith.  What a blessing it is, too, to know that we leave an excellent pastoral staff and a godly session to continue in leadership.  One of these days I may blog about all that goes into departing a church, but it's all a bit too close to the heart right now.