Ligon Duncan
Well, I've been reveling in the rich biblical teaching of Sinclair Ferguson and Doug Kelly this afternoon at the PCA GA pre-conference on "The Westminster Confession for Today" (sponsored by RTS and a host of others). Sinclair addressed the issue of assurance, and argued persuasively that Calvin and Westminster are fundamentally at one on that important aspect of Christian experience. Doug expounded the Christology of WCF 8 in a most glorious, including, in a way only he is capable of, references to and quotations of T.F. Torrance, Robert Bellarmine, Ron Howard (as "Opie"), John Calvin, Karl Barth, Irenaeus, Margaret Mead, E. Michael Jones, Theodore Beza, Dan Brown and more in the course of a single, coherent, extended defense of orthodox Christology!

Meanwhile, things haven't been going so well at the ECUSA and PCUSA meetings. The liberal hierarchy of American Episcopalianism apparently has some kind of an ecclesiastical death wish, and is hurtling toward oblivion in its relations with the worldwide Anglican communion through its appointment of Katharine Jefferts Schori as presiding bishop. You must read Al Mohler's blog on this.