Last year I forgot it was Easters, likely due to the fact that I had just returned home from South Africa and was jet-lagged. I prepared my sermon on Genesis, and only realized when it was too late that it was Easters. Foolishly, I told the congregation: "I forgot it was Easter and thought about preparing a last-minute sermon on the resurrection, but then I thought, 'stuff it', and so we'll continue in Genesis."

Well, that didn't work out so well for me, especially the "stuff it" part. We had one poor soul leave the church in tears, and others who were similarly unimpressed. Water under the bridge now. Forgive and forget, right? Though, some are perhaps still reeling from the time they came to our church years ago in fancy dresses (they were ladies, of course) and I was literally in my pyjamas, writing a chapter for a book, and totally unaware that it was Easters....but I digress.

This year I'm using my Christian liberty to preach on Christ's death and resurrection. (Actually, I just don't want to get fired). We're even having a good Friday service (going the extra mile).

But, honestly, I don't get all the fuss over Easter. The resurrection of Christ is a big part of my daily life, theology, and preaching ministry. Easters is fine, if you're into that sort of thing, but I do worry that people might tend to make too much of Easter by not making enough of the resurrection in their day-to-day living. That is why "Easters" and not "Easter" is perhaps most fitting, and a testimony to the theological brilliance of Nacho Libre.

The resurrection is so significant that I don't really like making it into a special time of reflection each year. "Easter" is too big for times and seasons. It demands daily reflection (Col. 3:1-3). And our weekly liturgy should fall apart without the significance of the resurrection. The resurrection is of first importance, all the time (1 Cor. 15:3-4). 

Knowing how churches tend to do things around here in Western Canada, the topic of the resurrection is lucky to make an appearance around Easter and it is quickly forgotten for the rest of the year from the pulpit and thus in the lives of God's people. 

Nonetheless, I do have some advice that I'm sure we will all find helpful: be careful what you eat this Easters.