Denny Burk Responds

With bad news on the horizon....I am taking this opportunity to post before the storm.

In the interests of showing that I am happy to receive "push-back" on articles, here is Denny Burk responding to my post, A Plea For Realism. Now, I only found out about this post today. But I have written two posts on the mode and subjects of baptism that attempt to deal with his concerns.

With that said, theological polemics in the form of showing a reductio ad absurdum, are quite commonplace in the Reformed tradition. We do not always need a proof-text for our views, even a proof-text that says you must be baptized before you take the Lord's Supper.

Denny seems like a fine chap, a good man, the type you'd enjoy having a beer with - well, maybe not a beer if the restrictions placed on Southern Baptist professors are true - over some frank theological discussion. Maybe one day?

Anyway, a week cannot go by without some Nacho Libre. So, ladies and gentlemen:

Baptist to the Presbyterian: "I'm a little concerned right now...about your mode of baptism and stuff. How come you have not been immersed?"

Presbyterian: "Because, I never got around to it, okay?!"

Baptist: "Well tonight, we face Satan's cavemen at the all night open-tent revival."

Presbyterian: "I don't know why you always have to be judging me because I was sprinkled!"

Baptist: "Well, I still think it would be a good idea if you... Felicidades!!! (while throwing the Presbyterian into the ice tub in the locker room).

Pastor Mark Jones is feeling inspired to eat a couple eggs, pancakes, and sausages.