David F. Wright's Obituary (in The Scotsman)

Ligon Duncan
The Scotsman (an Edinburgh-based, national, daily Scottish newspaper) has now published an obituary of Professor David F. Wright, written by his longtime colleague, Duncan Forrester. You can read it here, or following.

I have received emails from a number of David's former students, or those who knew him at New College (among them, Jeff Jue and Jon Payne) who have rightly remarked about how gracious David was and how encouraging he was with students. Absolutely true.

He had a ready wit as well. I will never forget sitting next to him during a Faculty of Divinity seminar in the Senatus, listening to a brilliant but spine-tingling lecture on the Council of Chalcedon by the renowned historian Geoffrey de Ste Croix. Ste Croix demonstrated that the Council was "stacked" (take note, all you FV advocates out there!) due in no small part to the influence of a politically-motivated and only nominally-Christian Emperor's thoroughly orthodox, Christian wife, who managed to get the orthodox party over-represented via the most impressive assemblage of senatorial families of the era. David leaned over to me as the appluase was continuing at the lecture's end, with an amused smirk, and said: "Well, after that, you need a doctrine of providence!"