David Brainerd, Part 2

"The Sabbath evening, July 12, 1739 I was walking again in the same solitary place, where I was brought to see myself lost and helpless, as was before mentioned; and here, in a mournful melancholy state, was attempting to pray; but found no heart to engage in that or any other duty; my former concern and exercise and religious affections were now gone. I thought, the Spirit of God had quite left me; but still was not distressed; yet disconsolate as if there was nothing in heaven or earth could make me happy. And having been thus endeavouring to pray, though being, as I thought very stupid and senseless, for near half and hour, and by this time the sun was about half an hour high, as I remember, then, as I was walking in a dark thick grove, unspeakable glory seemed to open to the view and apprehension of my soul. . . . ."